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My original Galaga Upright

Nov. 24th 2002

I won a Galaga Cabinet on Ebay
A dream comes true:
a fully restored original cabinet
here I'll track the progress of the deal...

    The auction-details from Ebay
    The pics provided by the seller

Auction summary:
seller from Toronto/Canada,
buyer from Cologne/Germany,
auction-price: US$ 960,
shipment costs: US$ 388,
German tax: US$ 160,

additional costs: Euro 22 (~ US$ 22)

11.25.2002 6:00pm
Randy called me from Canada to align everything.
11.25.2002 6:30pm
I sent the money via PayPal - (it's so easy & fast !!)
11.25.2002 9:49pm
Randy gave positive Feedback in Ebay:

User: rdmac1Spacer(133)Spacerstar Date: Nov-25-02 12:49:44 PST - Item: 737314929
Praise: Fast pay,good communication,recommended buyer,AAAA++++
Randy confirmed in a mail that he will put the cabinet to the freight-service tomorrow.
ups, Internet Freight did not ship yet.
reason: after packing the cabinet is larger.
Randy will follow up next Monday, and he will take over the additional costs (US$ 90) !! - Thanks!
11.29 6:04pm
This evening I got a 220V/110V transformer in Ebay.
I need it, as there is 110V AC avail. in the US,
but we have 230V AC here in Germany !
and I want to avoid changing the Cabinet.
Hopefully I get it before the Cabinet....
Gail (our contact at Internet Freight) confirmed the postage of the Cabinet via British Airways.
Toronto -> London -> Frankfurt -> Cologne
Cabinet shall arrive on 12.05. 9:00pm at cologne airport
I called British Airways at Cologne airport:
they told me that the arrival in Cologne was rescheduled to Monday 12.09. 6:00am
10:00am I got a call from Cologne airport: the Cabinet arrived !!!
11:00am I called a friend and aked him for his transporter:
no problem, I can get it - thanks Willi !!

11:30am I finished work earlier, took up the transporter
and started my drive to Cologne Airport....

1:00pm At the airport everything went very smooth:
I got the freight documents (5.20 Euro fee)
went to the custom office (the officers were very friently)
I had to pay: ~ 5 Euros custom duty and 160 Euros German tax !

When returning, and after proving that I payed the tax,
I was able to see my cabinet the very first time: really well packed.
I had to pay add. 17.40 Euro to get the cabinet into the transporter
(this fee was for the fork-lift which was neccessary)

3:45pm I arrived back home, and unloaded the cabinet (175 kilos)
with the help of the best wife in the world.

But now: how to get the cabinet to the other side of the house and into my hobby-room ?
175 kilos are to much for me and the world's best wife !
Hey, my daughter's friend appears to be a good help.
I called Bernd via phone, and yes, he will help. Great !!

5:00pm even it's cold today (-3 Celsius) we are sweating,
but we 3 got the cabinet into the hobby room.
after removing the rest of the wrapping the cabinet looks really beautifull.

- it's time to open a bottle of beer !!! cheers !!

Because the Cabinet is very cold inside and I still don't have the transformer which I bought at Ebay, I will not test it today. But I took already a look inside: everything is complete.
And I removed the protection-sheets from the marquee and from the kickplate.

When I returned home today, a parcel was waiting for me:
the transformer I won at Ebay did arrive today. Great - good timing !
I connected the power, helt on my breath and powered the machine on:
It came up without any problems !!! -- YEAAAHHHHH !!

I couldn't resist: I coined up with the test-switch and tried a game.
Here I noticed that the Cabinet is equipped with Midway's "Repeat Fire option"
and it has also the "Fast-Fire-Rom" installed,
very good gameplay: Joystick & button are 100%
the Game rewarded me with a good HighScore: 461.290 Points !
See the screen-shot here: (PJE are my initials !)

This Sunday I've finished everything:
I installed the "Galaga Enhancement Pack" from ArcadeShop.
It gives: HighScore-Saver, Dual fire speed, fast power-up and score-bugfix.
I also adjusted the Monitor: calibrated the colors, adjusted brightness & contrast.
The cabinet satisfies me more & more.......
and it's really rare in Europe...

If you also own one in Europe, please contact me: Peter Engels

People I want to thank:
Randy - (Ebay-name: rdmac1), for doing this busines with me.
Gail - from Internet Freight, for organizing the packing & shipping.
Anne - the world's best wife, for understanding my hobby.
Willi - for giving me his transporter.
Bernd - my daughters momentary friend, for helping me.

all the other people who were involved this deal....

the pictures provided by the seller:

The front:
CPO restored,
marquee still with protection-sheet

The complete front,
kickplate is also protected

the left side

the right side

A look into the the cabinet

here is the complete auction from Ebay

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