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My Galaga Collection:

My original Galaga upright

Original Arcade-boards
Galaga for Consoles
HandHelds / Tabletops
Galaga Arcade-Flyers
Books & Papers about Galaga
Galaga Multimedia Items
Misc. Galaga items    
Nokia graphics I created

     Infos about Galaga:

         What is Galaga ??
         Galaga Maniax (japanese)
         Cabinet & game specs
         Galaga entry at
         scanned Galaga-hints

         I got an orig. Cabinet
         new console games added
         Galaga Multimedia items
         A new flyer added

My own Galaga Upright:

My original Galaga Cabinet
- fully restored -
I bought it on Ebay.

read the whole story!

Please click here and
take a look at the service-slips,
who knows more about these
or can give more infos ??

The Original boards I own:

Original Midway PCB,
100% working order

Original GAplus (Galaga 3) PCB,
of course 100% ok

The famous Galaga'88
also 100% working

        Click here to get Pinouts & Switch-settings for Originals & Bootlegs       

The Bootleg-boards I own:

The PCB I'm playing with:
GALLAG bootleg,
but upgraded with orig. Namco Romset,
FastFire Eprom & HighScore-saver !!

Here in green:
the same GALLAG bootleg

Another Bootleg: Nebulous Bee
This board had a defect:
the explosion sound was missing.

Another rare Bootleg:
I bought it as dead
but it boots up over and over
any tip for this?

I fixed the Explosion-Failure on the Nebulous-Bee board,
there was just a 1 dollar IC defective, but it took time,
as no schematics for bootlegs are available !
Does anyone have schematics for Galaga Bootlegs ??

Galaga for consoles & computers I own:

Galaga & Galaxian for Gameboy,
complete, boxed with manual

Galaga & Galaxian for Gameboy,
the japanese version !

Galaga for the GameBoy Color,
only cartridge.

I've 2 for Atari 7800:
1 complete,
1 still shrinkwrapped!

here is a Galaga for the NES.
Now with box & booklet !

The best Galaga'88 conversion
for the PC-engine,
complete !

The best Galaga'88 conversion
also for NEC Turbografx,
complete !

Galaga'91 for Sega Gamegear
Japanese version, rare !

Galaga'91 for Sega Gamegear
on a 8in1 CopyCard
click the thumbnail to see the Cartridge

Destination Earth for PS1

Destination Earth for the PC

Deluxe Galaga for the AMIGA
click the thumbnail to see screenshots

Galaga for Famicom
The original Namcot cartridge
with box & manual !

Galaga for Famicom
This is a HongKong copy-card

another copy-card for Famicon

Copy-Card for the Famicom
The label tells about Galaga
but Galaga is not included,
instead: Galaxian

Galaga for the MSX-system
Cartridge is in mint condition

The Namco-Museum section:

Namco Museum for DreamCast
complete & mint condition.

Namco Museum for Sony PS2

Namco Museum 1 (US) PS1
nicer than the Jap/Euro version

Namco Museum 1 (JP) PS1
Yes, the japanese version

Namco Museum2 for PS1
featuring: GAPLUS

Namco Museum for N64
never released in Europe
(as far as I know)

Absolutely rare:
Arcade Classics for CDI

Namco Museum for GBA
Game Boy Advance knows Galaga

My Galaga Handhelds/Tabletops:

original Namco LCD handheld
complete incl. case

really rare LCD-game
orig. Namco, only the game :(

Sold as Galaxian tabletop,
but it looks more like Galaga

GalagaX6 by Epoch
The item is not in really good condition
but gameplay is 100% ok

Galaga Flyers I own:

Namco Galaga flyer front

Namco Galaga flyer back

Galaga Ms.Pacman flyer

Galaga Ms.Pacman flyer

Galaga Ms.Pacman flyer

Atari Galaga'88 flyer

Books & Papers handling Galaga

Joystick Magazine
Issue: April 1983
Scans will come soon!

Nintendo Power Mag
Vol. 76, Sept 1995
intruducing Galaga for GameBoy

Arcade Fever, a great book
click to read the Galaga-article

a cool Arcade-book from 1982
click to read the Galaga hints

The winners' book of
video games
first print from April 1982

Galaga arcade manual
Original operating manual
from Midway

Galaga MultiMedia items I own:

Namco Graffiti Collection
Hear the Galaga88 Track
( mp3 130 KB )

Nintendo RR64 sound-track
Hear the Galaga Pac Jam Track
( mp3 150 KB )

Wargames VHS (German version)
Galaga as movie-actor
click thumbnail to see screen-shot

misc.Galaga items I own:

Galaga arcade wall-clock
want to buy one ? click here !

GALLAG jap. instructions !
buy one for US$ 10

very rare original Gallag
instruction sticker (English)

Very authentic Items:
Service-slips from 1990
I found them in my Galaga-Upright
Who did repairs in IOWA at "Chill & Grill" ?

My sweetheart wearing
my Galaga sweater
isn't she (it) nice ?!?

A Galaga T-shirt

original Galaga Slurpee-cup

Galaga keychain:
Replica but nice !

an original Control Panel
needs "some" restauration !

the "ugly" Willi's CPO replacement

Galaga Graphics for Nokia-Phones I created:

(You need Nokia Logomanager to upload the files to the phone)

A new Nokia Startup-Logo
(for 3310, 3330...)

Galaga Picture-SMS
for Nokia-Phones

Galaga Ringtone
for Nokia-Phones

Here you can download
NOKIA Logomanager
it's cool !!!!

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